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August 2014 – Beanstalk Keepsakes

Welcome to the Beanstalk Keepsakes blog. I won't just be posting about our products we promise. I wanted to give you a bit more so you will see posts on what to do in the local area, craft projects you can do with the kiddies, keepsakes you can make from home and you'll get to hear a bit more about me and my life as a work from home Mum. Hope you enjoy my posts. Feel free to comment on any post and leave your feedback.

Monthly Archives: August 2014

Toddler Sleep Issues

A couple of weeks ago I posted about my 2 year old on facebook and asked for tips on how we could get him to sleep again. After an exhausting couple of weeks for my husband and I we were ready to try anything. Jack has always been a good sleeper, ever since he was about 3 months old. Yes we have had the usual night wake ups when he’s been teething or not well, but generally he has slept through from an early age. The past few weeks however something had changed. It’s probably down to the amount of changes he is going through at the moment. He is potty training (successfully), we took the side off his cot bed (because he was trying to climb out), and he has a baby sister in Mummy’s tummy. So I am not surprised all of this has affected his sleep. We had got into the habit every night of having to sit with him while he fell asleep – sometimes taking up to two hours. He would then wake up between 11pm and 1am, just after we were getting to sleep. Being tired all the time doesn’t help as the easy option was to bring him into bed with us – which is the mistake we made. I don’t think there was anything wrong with him, he just wanted to be close to Mummy and Daddy, and who doesn’t want to cuddle their little one back to sleep. But we had got into a habit of this happening every night and we were exhausted. I think he knew what he was doing too as one night when I brought him into bed after unsuccessfully trying to settle him in his bed, he gave me the biggest, smuggest grin! The day after I posted this on my Beanstalk Keepsakes facebook page. facebook_post   The lovely Julie Danials came to our rescue. I have heard about the method she suggested lots of times before but it just clicked the way she was describing how to handle the situation. This is what she said: “Having twin toddlers I know this one …when a child breaks routine its difficult …but the min they get your attension they learn quick how to get it …firstly make sure your child is shattered before bed with no reserves of energy lol…whether that’s along walk round the block in PJs and a coat before bed talking all the way the mentally exhaust aswell as physically or a kick around the garden with a ball..routine is the key though stick to your plan no matter what …set a routine tea bath quiet time walk or ball play teeth wash story ….story signifies the going to sleep routine …say goodnight ….leave room …when child cries ignore for as long as possible if you run every time they cry they know you will come ..go in don’t start talking making eye contact place back in bed and say goodnight or time for bed …leave …repeat this but when you go back in do not talk or engage in conversation … this is hard but it will undo the process the less you engage with your child it becomes boring for them when they get nothing in return from you ..sit behind the door if they keep opening it again stay focused have your partner if you have one bring you a cuppa and surport and a book ….do not give in most kids will take up to four hrs super stubborn ones lol to either cry them selves to sleep or get bored of getting back up …if you give in then tomorrow you have to start afresh ..if you stick by it within days your child will have learnt the new bedtime routine and hopefully the rewaking up will stop children love routine and sometimes need you to be firm for their sake …sleep is golden for children and parents this can be sorted in days if you write out a bedtime plan explain to your toddler the new routine make a sticker chart or reward chart every night your child stays in bed earns a sticker to add up to a treat of your or their choice ? …make sure both parents know the plan and know not to give in this is a fab tried and tested method if you stick to it x best of luck xx” I was so grateful for this advice. This was probably the only thing we hadn’t tried, only because I am a big wuss. I have never let Jack cry it out before, I just could never bring myself to do it, it didn’t seem natural but what Julie was saying made total sense.

The next night we followed Julie’s advice. His bedtime routine has always been pretty solid so I knew we weren’t doing anything wrong here and he is always tired before bed as he is so active during the day. So we just put him to bed that night and said good night and left the room. It was hard. He screamed and cried “Mummy, Daddy, Mummy, Daddy” over and over again. I was so tempted to go and cuddle him but my husband reminded me that we needed to try it and we took it in turns popping upstairs every 10 minutes to put him back into bed. The crying eventually subsided and he took himself off to bed. Instead of taking 2 hours to get to sleep, it only took an hour and a half. Were we getting somewhere? I slept so well that night as he didn’t wake up either 🙂 I could’ve kissed Julie Daniels if she was there.


The following night came and he was asleep within an hour and it has got better every night after that! Mummy and Daddy are back to feeling like humans again. Roll on November when we’ll have a newborn waking us up in the night! The joys of parenthood 🙂 wouldn’t have it any other way! Do you have any tips for taking toddler sleep issues? Post them in the comments below…

Win a Memory Locket   

This week I launched a prize draw over on my facebook and twitter pages for one lucky winner to win a Memory Locket. Memory Lockets are a beautiful piece of jewellery that I have recently added to my range. They can be completely personalised and unique to the owner by choosing from the floating charms… Continue Reading

Christmas Payment Plans

Wow so Christmas is less than 150 days away – which may seem a long way off yet – especially if you have a toddler like mine who is already getting excited and giving us his list of presents (no thanks to his Daddy telling him all about Father Christmas in JUNE!!). Anyway if you are… Continue Reading

My First Keepsake Party

So I did my first Keepsake Party two weeks ago and am pleased to say it went very well. The party host was an ex-colleague and friend of mine, Leah. From the moment I told her about Beanstalk Keepsakes she was very excited and supportive. She has a little girl who is 18 months now… Continue Reading