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Monthly Archives: December 2014

Getting Playdoh out of carpets

So we had the Playdoh out the other day and it was all going fine. Jack was happily playing, while I helped him (I secretly love playing with Playdoh too). I also like to keep the Playdoh colours separate – bit of OCD I think! It stresses me out when the get all muddled together.

Then Eva needed changing and feeding. Jack was happy so I thought it would be ok to let him carry on playing with the Playdoh! Oh how I was wrong!

Firstly this happened to all of the Playdoh he had out:


He decided he wanted to mush it all together. I just had to let it go because he was really enjoying himself but I was secretly really upset. All that lovely brightly coloured Playdoh was now a multi coloured mess!

It didn’t stop there. He then decided he wanted his puzzles out too and that the Playdoh and puzzles should be thrown all over the carpet! Now I was in the room while all this was going on but my attention was on Eva who needed a nappy change and a feed so in-between doing that and asking Jack nicely to stop what he was doing our living room ended up looking like this:


And we now have Playdoh stuck in the carpet! We have hoovered as much up as we could but there is still quite a bit that won’t come out. Oh the joys!

Any tips for getting Playdoh out of carpetsjp Please let me know in the comments below.j