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Welcome to the Beanstalk Keepsakes blog. I won't just be posting about our products we promise. I wanted to give you a bit more so you will see posts on what to do in the local area, craft projects you can do with the kiddies, keepsakes you can make from home and you'll get to hear a bit more about me and my life as a work from home Mum. Hope you enjoy my posts. Feel free to comment on any post and leave your feedback.

#30daysofcraftiness Day 1 & 2

#30daysofcraftiness Day 1 & 2

So I have been in and out of Instagram for a while now. I love how visual it is but always forget to post on there so as my New Years resolution is to post more on social media I took up the challenge set by @craft_schmooze.

This is the challenge.

30 Days of Craftiness. Find them on Instagram

And here are my first 2 posts…


Keepsake gift made on the kitchen table

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Lisa x

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