The Beanstalk Keepsakes Story


I’m Lisa, owner of Beanstalk Keepsakes, and mum to Jack, a very energetic toddler.

Lisa and Jack from Beanstalk Keepsakes. Read our story

Why Beanstalk Keepsakes I hear you say? Well my little boy loves the story ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. It was one of the first stories I started to read to him when he was a tiny baby. Jack being his namesake too! I just love the story of Jack, who really is a cheeky little scamp isn’t he? And that from these magic beans grows something rather amazing, a beanstalk where Jack finds lots of lovely little treasures. I just hope that we can provide something magical for you to treasure forever. After all they don’t stay little very long do they?

We all love keepsakes whether it’s the first love letter you received or the first lock of hair from your child, if you are like me you’ll have boxes and boxes of them. What a better way that to wear something or have something to display in your home forever?

We have a wide range of silver keepsake jewellery that you can cherish and won’t have to go digging around for in boxes. Whether it’s fingerprints you want to capture or tiny little handprints, footprints and even paw prints, take a look around our website and we should have what you are looking for. Our ranges offer something for everyone, lovely necklaces and bracelets for mums, cufflinks for dads or charms for friends. The prints themselves don’t have to be from little ones. We’ve had many lovely prints from loved ones and special friends. The options are limitless so if we don’t quite have what you are looking for, please contact us and we can discuss bespoke items.

And if jewellery isn’t for you then we have many other keepsake options ranging from 3D castings, raised impressions and cushions that all look lovely around the home.

Thanks for taking the time to read our story.

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