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Birth Stories Part 1 – Beanstalk Keepsakes

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Welcome to the Beanstalk Keepsakes blog. I won't just be posting about our products we promise. I wanted to give you a bit more so you will see posts on what to do in the local area, craft projects you can do with the kiddies, keepsakes you can make from home and you'll get to hear a bit more about me and my life as a work from home Mum. Hope you enjoy my posts. Feel free to comment on any post and leave your feedback.

Birth Stories Part 1

So I’ve been meaning to write a blog post about Jack’s birth story for a while but now seems like a good time and I can share Eva’s story too.

Jack’s Birth Story
I finished work at 36 weeks with Jack. I was exhausted and needed those 4-ish weeks to relax and prepare for birth. I had been doing hypnobirthing with a CD and visualised my birth being calm, relaxed and in water. I had an obsession with getting into the birthing pool. I find water relaxing and that was the place I wanted to be Shen I birthed my baby. I didn’t write a birth plan as I knew that when it comes to labour nothing ever goes to plan but I knew what I wanted in my head.

I had my baby shower on the 19th May 2012 and said goodbye to my guests in the afternoon of the 20th. That evening I was sitting at my in-laws eating dinner and felt a few twinges. I just shrugged them off as Braxton hicks and got on with the rest of the evening. When we got home I realised the Braxton hicks never stopped and they were in fact quite regular. I made sure my bag was ready, had a bath then called the labour ward to let them know what was happening. It was 11.30pm by this point and I was told to rest and take paracetamol if I needed it. I managed to sleep a bit through the contractions but by 5am they were coming a but more frequently and felt stronger. By 8am I knew we had to start making our way in. I’d got the TENS machine on which helped but found it quite awkward as the pads kept coming off! My sister was staying over and she tried to help by giving me a back rub but I just didn’t want to be touched. At this point I screamed at Steve and said we need to go now. We let the labour ward know we were coming in. And phoned my Mum and Dad to come down as they were up in Shropshire. At this point my contractions were 2-3 minutes apart.

When we got to Frimley Park Hospital we were taken straight to the delivery suite and the midwife Rachel, started my checks and examined me. I was only 3-4 centimetres! We had a long way to go but the midwife said she wasn’t going to send me home as we were 10 miles away. So we started to settle in. I was sat on the birthing ball and Steve on the chair. I was made to eat toast which I really didn’t fancy but needed it.

Steve could see how uncomfortable I was getting and requested gas and air! I was really trying to concentrate on my breathing and the hypnobirthing techniques but the pain was becoming unbearable. Well the gas and air worked a treat and gave me some much needed relief.

Rachel came back to do her checks and that’s when it went wrong. I was still at in the ball when she was trying to listen to Jack’s heart. I could tell from her face something wasn’t quite right, then she asked me to lie down on the bed. When she went to listen again she very quickly hit a button behind the bed and before I knew it I had six people around my bed, my waters we’re being broken and before I knew it I was being wheeled off to theatre. I just remember the bed being turned and me mouthing ‘I love you’ to Steve. The fear on his face still haunts me. A different midwife was holding my hand and reassuring me. My baby was going to be ok but they needed to get him out because his heart rate had dropped and he had done his meconium inside me. Then the anaesthetist was explains what the were doing. Before I knew it I was counting down from ten. The next thing I remember is waking up, being wheeled somewhere and being sick, then blacking out again. I was then in recovery screaming for my baby! Was he ok? Where was he? Where was my husband? Jack was fine, I was told.

When I was ready I was wheeled back to the delivery suite. My mum and dad had arrived by this point but no sign of Jack. Where was my beautiful boy? I was supposed to be having some lovely skin on skin cuddles with. He had been taken to SCBU – the Special Care Baby Unit.

He was ok thankfully. Because he was in distress and I later found out that I had suffered a placental abruption, he struggled breathing when he was born so was taken to SCBU and put under oxygen for a few hours. He also needed antibiotics and to be tube fed. I didn’t get to meet him until he was a few hours old because I was completely out of it – the after effects of the general anaesthetic and intravenous morphine! But finally seeing his tiny 7lb 1oz body, with all his hair, I remember falling in love instantly with my Jack.


Whenever I look back on this day it was one of the the best and perhaps the worst day of my life. It used to haunt me thinking about it and what could’ve happened, but I have to be thankful for the fact that everything was ok in the end and I am so grateful to all of the staff who helped us at Frimley Park Hospital. It’s taken some time to come to terms with it and I think now that I have Eva that I’ve only just really got over it.

I will leave Eva’s birth story for another time and you’ll be glad to hear it’s a little less dramatic.

Thanks for reading. Why not share your birth story below?

Lisa x

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