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Memorial Keepsakes

Memorial Keepsakes

Memorial keepsakes are such a special kind of keepsake. Something to treasure long after our loved ones have left us. I get many messages from those who have recently lost a loved one asking if I can create something from prints they had taken in the hospital or funeral home. The answer is always ‘Yes, I’d be so happy to help’.

It’s such a difficult time for them and I am able to create something that they can wear, something that means they have a piece of their loved one with them all the time. I get really emotional when I’m creating the jewellery and I put all my love and energy into making them as I know how much they mean to my customers.

It’s not just prints I can use. If, unfortunately you don’t have prints then I can use ashes, if they were cremated, to make a beautiful pendant or bracelet.

Memorial Keepsakes. Something to treasure

This is one of my most recent memorial pieces. A fingerprint taken from a Dad for his daughter to wear around her neck. When she called to ask if I could help she was worried that it was a strange request but nothing it a strange request for me. I totally understand why you would want an everlasting keepsake of a loved one that is  unfortunately  no longer with us.

Any of my designs can be made into a memorial keepsake and I’m able to use fingerprints, hand/footprints or even a loved ones handwriting to make a special piece of silver keepsake jewellery.

Please do get in touch if you have any questions about memorial keepsakes.

Lisa x