Jewellery making from home.

Hello and welcome to my blog ūüėČ

I am on a mission to see if a stay at home mum (Me) could learn new skills in Jewellery, crafts & flowers to enable me to start a new business and work around my family.

I am hoping to be able to learn jewellery making from home, firstly with precious gemstones and then on to fingerprint jewellery, there are so many jewellery designs out there so this is quite a task and I am very excited to learn lots of new skills, I want to look at old designs and get some ideas from them for some new pieces of jewellery so vintage inspired designs really from that I will go full circle to the outrageous and funky type of jewellery maybe the Mary Quant type of the black and white to the psychedelic’s 60’s inspired designs….Yep, getting very excited now woohoo!

I will add some pictures of the kind of designs I will take some ideas¬†from so you can see and when I have saved some money¬†I will show you the¬†outcome¬†but for now I am just collecting ideas and below are just a few of them (from a colour/design point of view as some items are not jewellery) I think that’s why I love floristry so much as there are no boundaries with colour. ¬†life is one long explosion of colour¬†and jewellery is a great way to show that you’re alive with personality!!



Mary Quant logo, I grew up with this and love it! Another design by Mary Quant Daisy Flip Flops by Mary Quant  Make up bags by Mary Quant, love the colours  th (7)  th (8)  thCA0D0FX5thCA061BME  thCAVRX83N  thCA28Q0VM  thCA044608  thCAJI0P1B  thCA4E4VJB    th (6)  th (5)  th (9)