Funeral flowers

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Today I want to talk about funeral flowers, there  many types of Funeral Flowers on the market these days and choosing a design for your dearly departed loved one is a hard, heart wrenching decision to make.  We are always looking for the right ‘something’ to express how we feel, to display the love for the person we have just lost but what do we choose, what’s available, what CAN be done….well the answer is anything, most things can be made these days from a market stall for an ex-trader to a simple heart, nothing is beyond our reach and from my own personal point of view nothing is EVER to much trouble for my customers at this time in their lives and I want to make sure that there flowers are as perfect as I can get them.

Now, I no longer trade but I do know what is available on the market, this is one aspect of the job I really do miss.  I will offer you some links to sites where you can finds various oasis shapes that may appeal to you in your search and may also help you express to your florist what you are looking for.

There are so many now which is wonderful  from butterfly’s and stars to tractors and trains, so there is always something to represent your dearly departed and if you don’t find anything just ask your florist, most offer a bespoke service and will be able to accommodate you in finding that perfect tribute.

Below are some items I have created in the past just for colour ideas:

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There are funeral etiquette guides and I have included a link below from floral base (there are many others online) that suggests certain rules that should be followed when buying funeral flowers but personally I would go with your heart and the thoughts you wish to convey about the deceased and to their family.

I really do hope you have found this helpful or at the very least food for thought!

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