Personalised Gifts for Father’s Day- 16th June

30+ years of Father’s Day and every year I end up with the frantic dash to the shops to buy something, no anything, for my Dad which might suggest that I have spent time and energy planning his perfect gift.   This year is different, yes this year I am thinking about it in May so that rather than throwing money at the day in a desperate attempt to look thoughtful I will have planned something worthy of my amazing Dad.   With two lovely little children of my own, I have to ensure both Dad’s have a special day- not easy when I normally only remember the day before!  As I said though, this year will be different…

Now I love buying gifts but I also like to make things (with very limited creative ability this can sometimes be a bit of an issue!) – so here are my top 5 ideas for Father’s Day.   I will be combining some of these with home-made cards and pictures from the kids and a day filled with lots of family fun.  Not sure how I will narrow down my 5, but no doubt I will try and justify to myself the need for them all.  I am already looking forward to the day! .

1) Personalised Silver Cufflinks or Key Ringcufflinks

The perfect way to capture special memories of your children- my favourite are the hand or feet imprints but you   can also get fingerprint or artwork cufflinks which are all stunning and will make a unique gift for Dad.  They are made from the finest silver and the process can be completed  through the post- but you need to leave time.  You can buy these from The Keepsake Co from £85


2) Word Artword art

This is a bit of a Father’s Day idea cheat as I have already bought this for my hubby for Valentine’s Day but he loved it so much I wanted to share – I think it would make an amazing Father’s Day gift too.   You simply supply all your key dates, names, places and phrases and they will be transformed into a fantastic framed picture.   Currently on offer at £55 I can thoroughly recommend Picture Window to supply you a uniquely personal gift (offer ends on 16th May so be quick!).


3)       Homemade Cookie and Muffin Tinbeverly hills

When we  had our first child a very lovely relation bought us a gift tin from the Beverly Hills Bakery in London – filled with muffins, cookies and biscuits!  It was so incredibly  scrummy and such a fabulous gift that I have recreated this several times  since!   You can obviously buy from them (link below) and you will receive a mouth-watering array of goodies or  you can make your own.  I don’t know a Dad who wouldn’t appreciate this- and if you are time poor or not great at baking you can buy lots of different goodies and pretend!


4)       Vouchers  vouchers

I have often sent vouchers to people- generally owing them something I haven’t quite got around to sorting but I really love the ones that give something     more precious than a purchased gift, their time.  Why not treat Dad to some home-made vouchers- here are some ideas: breakfast in bed, car washing, shoe polishing, the TV control for the evening… you get the idea.  My kids will be sending Daddy a couple and I will do the same for my Dad – maybe a hand in the garden for the afternoon!.  Here are some lovely free vouchers you  can download.


5)       Personalised BBQ apron Apron

My  final idea is provided by one of my favourite little businesses –they have helped me on many tricky gift occasions.   For Father’s Day they have some great high quality BBQ aprons that can be personalised with names and a variety of BBQ designs.   Maybe I am getting carried away after a  weekend of sunshine and my first BBQ of 2013 but this is a definitely making my short list for just £15.