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BIENVENIDA! - Tips on Holidays in Nerja
Info to make your visit more enjoyable.....


Bienvenida! Your first lesson in Spanish – Welcome!

Hi there! If you are planning a trip to my part of the World! Bienvenida! will help you. I decided to do this blog to help you and others, giving information and ideas to help you save time for your forthcoming visit to Nerja. Whether it be for a holiday, business trip or you may have even decided to come here to live, like I did…there´s something here for you!

I know from my own experience that going to a new holiday destination can be daunting and especially when you have children. And when you feel at home with the place, found the best beaches, restaurants etc….its time to head off back home!!
Nerja is a great little place to come for a holiday and only a short trip by plane for those ‘figgety children’ (talking from experience!!). You’ll be able to find out more about Nerja and what to do, where to eat, the best beaches in town, hairdressers….you name it, hopefully I will have covered it. If not, let me know what you need and I will walk the streets to find out.

Why compile this Blog??

This is the question, I have been asking myself alot recently !! Lots more work for me!!! Must be mad!!! Running various business´s, looking after 2 children, a dog, cat, horses  and oh yes, him in doors!!! Where do I find the time??? Haha….no, kidding aside. The reason I wanted to do this blog, is because I feel very passionate and priviledged to live in this gorgoeus little village. I have lived here on and off for over 40 years, so I wanted to share my experiences with you, and if this means helping some of you with making great choices for thier holiday, then I am a happy bunny….so this is why My Blog on Nerja was born!!

Me in the Black Dress!


I also own a Holiday Rental Company based here in Nerja, called BLUEWATER VILLAS…so I can help you find that perfect holiday accommodation.

Look me up and if you have any queries….I am here to help 🙂 . www.bluewatervillas.com.