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WHERE TO EAT - Tips on Holidays in Nerja
Info to make your visit more enjoyable.....


Where to Eat?

Where to eat when you get to Nerja? For a unique and different Nerja Restaurants experience … why not do what the locals do and try a Nerja tapas bar.

The original ´tapa´ is a small plate of food that accompanies a glass of wine, beer or soft drink when ordered at a bar. There are many bars in Nerja that offer tapas completely free of charge, when you order and pay for a drink.

Some bars will only serve you a tapa free of charge if you physically sit (or stand) at the bar and not at one of their tables – which are generally reserved for paid meals.

What you receive as a tapa can vary greatly from one bar to another. For example, you might receive a small plate of cooked prawns, or a portion of Spanish omelette, or some slices of cooked Spanish sausage chorizo.

In some bars you are allowed to choose the tapa that you prefer from a selection (if you don’t know the name of the tapa, just point). In other bars you won’t get a choice.

So why not try some tapas in Nerja for a great and fun way to sample different types of authentic Spanish food … totally free of charge!

By the way – if you want something more substantial, order a “racion” or half a “racion”, which is a larger dish that you will need to pay for. Bars and restaurants that offer “raciones” will have a Menu listing them.

You will find a number of Nerja restaurants and bars dotted around Nerja that offer a free tapa when you order and pay for a drink … but here is a selection of our favourite and authentic Nerja Tapas bars …


Where to Eat when you get here?

When I go to new holiday destiination, and especially when I have the children, I always stop and think…. now where to eat?

Here in Nerja there is a huge selection of restaurants and bars to suit all tastes and budgets.

There really is something for everyone and you will truly be spoilt for choice.

Some Nerja restaurants offer a lunch time “menu del dia” (menu of the day). This is a set menu at a set price that includes a choice of generally 2 or 3 starters, main courses and desserts. Some also include a glass of wine, beer or water and also coffee.

You can generally find a “menu del dia” for about 10 Euros. They are great value for money if you prefer a big lunch.

Note, for the locals, lunch time in Nerja usually starts at around 1.30pm and dinner time starts at around 9.30pm. Most Nerja restaurants cater for non-locals who may prefer to have lunch and dinner at earlier times of the day, but you won’t find the locals out until much later.

In my opinion you don’t have to spend a fortune to get great food in Nerja if you don’t mind a no-frills restaurant.


Where to Eat, La Taberna
Where to Eat, La Taberna