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Positive discipline for preschoolers – Miss Bettsy
Crafting at home

Positive discipline for preschoolers

Positive discipline for preschoolers and children of all ages in my Childminding setting- What it means to me:

Rewarding good behaviour:

With praise, appreciation and attention (especially listening), as these are constructive and encourage further effort. Punishment is destructive, humiliating and makes children feel powerless.

Building children’s self esteem:

Their self-esteem and confidence should be nurtured in a positive environment. Shaming, scolding, hurting and humiliating children can lead to even worse behaviour.

Being a good role model:

As adults we must set a good example, as young children take more notice of what we do rather than what we say. Give children quality time and understanding. This does not mean children need your attention every minute of the day. They need to learn that parents and carers have tasks to do and others to care for too. But they need to know their time with you is special and they are being listened to as you connect as parent and child or carer and child. They too will then go on to be good role models for their peers.

Setting realistic limits according to age and stage of development:

As children grow and develop our expectations of them should change accordingly. This is because their brain is developing at different stages. But this needs to be relevant to each individual child.


Give encouragement with positive talk and gestures. Do not give orders and instructions because comments like ‘Do as your told’ teaches nothing for next time. You must explain ‘Why’ whilst remembering the developmental stage of the child.

Encouraging self discipline and respect for others:

This is so children have the ability to grow into independant people who behave accordingly, even when there’s no one to tell them what to do.

Being consistent:

Children need to know where they stand and it helps if they know that we mean what we say. They need to know we are there for them and always will be if they need or ask for help, advice or support throughout their lives.



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