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Childminder Support – Miss Bettsy
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Do You Need Childminding Support?

Childminding support

Well most of the country now has no support for childminders in the way of development officers, although I have heard that some LA are providing some kind of help. I am going to look into this a little more to see where in the country this help or support is still available. So watch out for updates on this subject.

Why do we gain support as a Childminding Business?

Most types of business need support in some ways, from accounting, paperwork, advertising to training and more. So as childminders we are no different and to some degree have in the past been spoilt a little dare I say?! Because our support in the past from development officers was free. Don’t get me wrong it was a fantastic help and sorely missed, but we are businesses and need to remember that at all stages and sometimes we may have to search information, support, help or pay for things we would like help with. As a business we are all unique and work in very different ways, nobody is right or wrong in the ways they choose to gain support. We do what suits our situation and pockets. But all of us at some point will need help in some way even if its just googling something on the internet.

In the light of looming agencies for childminders or as a childminder on a forum said the other day “Agency Malarky!!”, (as we are not in favour of agencies and wish to remain independent childminders) I feel we need to be building our support network for the future. I do this all the time via my business plan. But you maybe be thinking where are you going to start with finding your support whether it be on going or adhoc. So I have gathered some ideas and listed them below.

So where can we go for support now?

Locally – Get together with childminders and create a group. You can meet up with the children for activities together, meet up as childminders and share, ideas, activities, resources, paper work, filling vacancies, etc. I say this from experience as we have a fantastic group in my village. We are not in competition. We support each other.

For the places listed below either click to a link or find located in this file for childminder support ideas, which I will keep updating as often as I can.

Local Facebook groups

Other Facebook groups

Morton Michel


Children’s Centres

Childminding Groups Locally 

Fellow local childminders

Development officers if you have them

Blogs – 

Books –

Websites –

Childminding info – http://www.ukchildminding.info

Childminder info – http://www.childminder.info

Silky Steps – http://www.silkysteps.com

Childminding Help – http://www.childmindinghelp.co.uk

Me! – locally, blogs, Facebook, contact me, telephone, visit.

If you can think of anymore please comment below and I will add.

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