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Meet a Member – My Keepsake Business

Meet a Member

Why take our word for it? We live in a skeptical world and am sure you are thinking “this all looks too good to be true – why are they only charging a third of other franchises yet offering so much more?” Well what can we say – we have big hearts and want to help those that want to create a real success of things and did not want money to get in the way. We wanted to create an opportunity which was fair for everyone and that is exactly what we feel we have done. Request your information pack NOW

Here are just a few of the growing number of success case studies and beautiful testimonials from our members. We are so proud to be working with some of the very best the world has to offer in Keepsakes and know when you read their stories that you will want to join them in starting a success story of your own…

Ceri @ Lollipops and Ladybirds

I qualified as a lawyer at the age of 24 and enjoyed a successful career with a local law firm. I absolutely love to work and before I had children, would happily spend hours and hours of extra time at the office.

When Katie was born, I began to realise that time was very precious and found that I became less and less able to put….” Read more here

Lisa @ Caterpillar Keepsakes

After having my son just over 2 years ago I started to ask myself the all-important question that probably goes through the mind of every new Mum…….. Is there any way I would be able to earn a living while spending more time at home with my family?… Read more here

We asked Lisa from Beanstalk Keepsakes: “Do you think have had the same success if you had trained and set up alone and why?”

Lisa works full time,  is a mum and been with us less than a year yet she has gone on to create a great brand and business which she is rocking 🙂

We asked Lindsey: “Why did you join The Keepsake Association?”

Meet Lindsey from Mini Memories – Lindsey has been with us just over a year and has created a great business so far – here is what she had to say to that question 🙂

Screen Shot 2013-10-03 at 13.36.12Gemma at Lasting Touch Keepsakes says “I chose The Keepsake Co after meeting Victoria online. I love her mentoring style and felt instantly that we could work together and that I could learn a lot from her. I have done the training online, I love the fact that it comes in video format so that I can watch the videos over and over again, work alongside them and access them 24hours a day.  Victoria is on hand if I need extra help with techniques and business marketing ideas which has really given me the confidence to jump straight in and start making and selling amazing products. I still have a lot to learn, but with the Keepsake co I can learn at my own pace and get a little push when I need it too.”

Screen Shot 2013-10-03 at 13.36.15Nina and Pixie Keepsakes says: “I first discovered the Keepsake Co. four years ago when I had my twins. I thought it was such a wonderful idea and how lovely it would be to be able to offer people that service. However it took me all this time to be brave enough to finally follow through on my dreams. How I wish I had done this four year ago! Victoria gives so much effort, enthusiasm, knowledge and support which is what has made it possible for me to make this massive leap. Starting a new business is one of the most important decisions anyone can make and you want to be sure that you are not wasting hard earned pennies on something that leaves you in the dark and out of pocket. Anyone considering going in to this type of business can stop searching here, you’ve found the best.”

Lisa at Caterpillar Keepsakes says: “If you are considering a career change and would love to start up your own keepsake business then look no further. ‘The Keepsake Company’ will help you achieve your goal with expert knowledge, advice and support. The team is truly wonderful and I can guarantee you will not regret it!”

Kelly from Bella and Bow says: “”Words cannot express how amazing being part of the Keepsake Association has been. My keepsake journey started when my magical boxes of supplies arrived. It was like a treasure trove full of all the equipment and materials I would need to start practicing my keepsake making. Having everything that I needed to get started it was time to learn how to start making! The brilliant on-line tutorials and regular Masterclasses make this very easy.
The thing that has astounded me the most about being a Member, is the dedication and support that you receive. Victoria and her team have worked so hard to assist me in every way possible and have been fundamental in helping me to build the business of my dreams. They listen and work closely with you to help build a business model that will work for you now and in the future. This is all backed up by the support of the other Keepsake Association members who are a bunch of amazing ladies and who show such loyalty and support to the group and each others businesses. It’s so beneficial being able to bounce ideas, tips and advice off each other. It’s like being part of a wonderful team – or even a mini Keepsake family!
Like most people paying the fee to become a Member was a little daunting, this was my family’s money that I was investing in to a new business venture. However hand on heart, I can honestly say it was worth every penny. The benefits of being part of this amazing Group have far outweighed the investment. I know that once my business grows, it will transform my life. With the support of the Keepsake Association I just know that it WILL happen and great things are possible”

You can join these fabulous ladies inside The Keepsake Association and build your business alongside them with their support (and ours of course!). To get started request your information pack NOW