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Victoria’s Story – My Keepsake Business

Victoria’s Story

IIMG_7248 Started The Keepsake Company over 10 years ago while I was holding down a job I HATED and was miserable! I had graduated from Uni with a First Class Honors degree in Computer Science and was following that career path but there was no passion, no excitement and no feeling of belonging. It was just a job – but I didn’t fancy living out my days dreading 9am.
I did not have a ‘plan’ or any business experience ( I was a techie!) but knew I did not want to be working for someone else so pretty much quit (eeek!)

I learnt as I went, I had no mentor, no backer, no guidance! –This was not the cheapest or fastest option as I made many expensive mistakes and took many wrong turns. If I could change anything I would have done anything in order to find the money to find myself a good mentor as I know I would have taken a much quicker route (and suffered less headaches!)
I have been lucky enough to experience great success, I was at one point turning over around 6 figures just retailing keepsakes but realized that I needed a change as it did not fit my big vision which was developing. My passion was helping others start and build their businesses. I felt my eyes light up as soon as someone asked me for my advice about business and would just talk for hours helping them with everything I had learnt.

I also had plans for a family and knew that it would be tough fitting it in with my current work load (working 7 long days a week) so I closed the shop which I had invested heavily in and set up The Keepsake Academy and Association online along side my online retail business which had been a steady income from the beginning. I have always been guided by my heart and what feels right to me and I knew the shop, while it had been my child hood dream, was not part of my big vision anymore.
IMG_7333My passion is to help as many mums as I can find ways to build a flexible income doing something they love. Whether it is through keepsakes or some other form – it does not matter to me as long as I am able to help impart my decade of experience so they do not have to go through the long winding journey like me. There are no quick riches or wins but you can definitely save a lot of time if you seek the right information from the start. I feel so lucky being able to help mums who feel locked by their current circumstances, unable to spend as much time with the kids as they would like and even  are facing the same dread as I was all those years ago when thinking of doing their current 9-5 for the rest of their lives.

I understand it is a massive decision to leave that security of the job,  but believe me it was the best thing I ever did and If I can support you through it in anyway I can then I would feel honored and  blessed to be able to use my experience in that way.

I also feel I should mention I am dyslexic so please do not judge me if you see the odd spelling or grammatical error. At school I once mirror wrote an entire essay and could not see I had done it – even when the teacher showed me! I do try but at the same time I have learnt to relax about things like this or I would not make the progress I crave. I figure it is more important to get your message out there than be worrying about the odd little error! I hope you do not mind!