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Why Choose Us? – My Keepsake Business

Why Choose Us?

Here are just some of the reasons why so many of the leading keepsake companies around the world have chosen The Keepsake Co to support them in getting started. You will see that not only do we train you to make professional standard keepsakes but we also take your hand and support you as you go through setting up your business and then grow it in a way which suits you.

We offer as part of all our keepsake business set up packages:

  • Branding support – Our resident expert will help you from day 1 in naming your business, working out your target consumer and making sure your branding is all aligned and on point! It is so important that this step is completed as it ensures your company is built on solid foundations and gives your company the best chance of success. We then help you communicate this with our resident designer and support you as you see your brand come to life ‘on screen’. Such an amazing feeling and something which should not be rushed. This is far more than a logo – what we are helping you build is a brand which could stand up against even the biggest of companies out there.
  • Expert help– throughout your time with us you will be supported by our dedicated team.  As well as the team at Head Office we also have a designer and web developer at hand- along with many others to help with things such as social media, SEO and accounting.
  • Restricted areas– whilst we are not a franchise, we commit to not work with anyone else in your area so the group remains hugely positive and supportive.  This is evidenced on the closed Facebook group where members helps each other and shares ideas such as marketing tactics which worked for them through to clever product tips.
  • Specialist Masterclasses– we have been lucky enough to secure some of the leading experts to come and train the team over the years, many recorded so you can listen to them when you join.  We have lots planned and do an average of 1 a month.  All classes are held online so it makes it easy to join. We often have members turn up with their babies in their arms or in their PJ’s – what could be more fun that working along side a group of Mums who are all building a business on their terms and in their own way?
  • 1-2-1 support– when you need it!  You will be assigned a Support Angel which will be there for 1-2-1 calls to help from product creation to marketing your new business.
  • Team Q&A sessions– these sessions are led by Victoria and are an opportunity to ask questions and hear what others are doing.  It is great for new ideas, refining ideas and helping it you are stuck!  All online and at family friendly times so makes it easy to join.
  • In-person Product Training Sessions– available throughout the year so you can refine your skills when you need.  We also have a full video training course for each product range so you can study online giving you the best of both worlds.
  • Bespoke Website and training – Depending on your package we offer a range of website design and training options. For those packages which include a website – our designer will design a site bespoke to you and to reflect your brand which you have lovingly created. But we do not stop there! We then train you to be able to manage your own site saving you a fortune in website maintenance charges. All hosting is included in your package so there is nothing else to pay. For those packages without a website we will give you free access to our website course showing you how to build your own professional site and give you live support in pulling it all together All websites are fully functioning e-commerce sites allowing you to sell worldwide.
  • Lead Magnets– we have commissioned a set of beautifully designed certificates and downloads that you can use throughout the year to help you get your customers onto your mailing lists or to interact with your business. We have a wide range of ideas of how you can use these to grow your business and have proved a complete success for our members. All included and always being extended.
  • Non restrictive– Our aim is to support mums to build their business, their way.  This means that if you want to add more products to your range or start your business as a bigger concept than what we offer then great, we will help you do that too! With a franchise you are very much required to work within the main companies product range – we encourage and support each business we work with to find something which makes them unique and stand out in the market. You could not do this if you were operating to someone else’s rule-book yet is essential in order to grow the business you want.
  • Business Training Vault– we have a huge back catalogue of information, support and masterclasses that you can access at any time.  It has everything you need know and much more about starting a growing a keepsake business!
  • Closed Facebook Community– this is our biggest asset and is completely priceless. Our  keepsake community is full of incredible business owners who have started from scratch and who are so open and willing to share their experience with new members. Members share supplies, orders, information and ideas. We can confidently say that you will not find this level of supportive community anywhere else and the great thing is that they are all doing what you want to do yet are at different stages along the way.
  • Backed by the leading Keepsake Company in the UK who has been established for 13 years. This association gives you instant credibility and confidence that you are working to a certain standard in your business. We also supply a logo which you can use in your marketing.

We really have just touched the tip of the iceberg here and there is so so much more form marketing templates, images, advertising… If you are thinking of starting your own Keepsake Business then please do apply to check if your postcode is available today and see if we area good fit for you. If your area is then we can send you more information and answer any of your questions.