As a parent isn't it amazing at just how quickly the time passes by.  In the blink of an eye our children are all grown up and independent - it's no surprise that many of us seek to capture that moment in time, a treasured milestone in our children's lives.  I would love to help you capture that moment and create your memento of just how tiny and precious our children and families are.  I offer a beautiful range of handcrafted keepsakes, individually created to preserve those special moments that are all to soon forgotten.  A little something that enables you to keep your little treasure close to you at all times.


A beautiful fine silver piece of keepsake jewellery made for you using the hand, foot or fingerprint of your loved ones.  If your family consists of the 4 legged none human variety we can also use paw prints to create your keepsake.


Another option for your keepsake is the the artwork collection.  If you have a favourite first picture or one that touches your heart or even a signature or message from a loved one this too can be crafted into a silver charm.


There are many choices and options, too many to mention here so if you have a specific request please get in touch to discuss your requirements or for help with making your choice.


We also offer a raised impressions service, although you will need to be local to have the impressions for this taken as this needs to be done in person.  A perfect way to remember just how tiny those hands and feet were.  From a single hand or footprint up to a full set or even a sibling or whole family set.  The only limitation for this is your imagination.  Please get in touch.

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